Message from Bernadine MacKenzie, Head of Veterans’ Affairs

29th May 2020

A call for submissions on the new veterans’ legislation has now been made


I can now confirm for you that this bill had its First Reading in Parliament last night.  That means that the first step has been taken towards changing the law (the Veterans’’ Support Act 2014) – it begins the process of having MPs examine what is proposed, both in Parliament itself and also at a select committee.  You can watch what was said in the First Reading of the Bill on the Parliament website  Type in the name of the bill, add the words “First reading” and look for the video tab.


The Minister for Veterans, Hon Ron Mark, has issued a press statement which summarises what the bill is intended to do. This link will take you to his statement:


The bill has now been referred to a select committee so it can be examined in more detail. It will be going to the Social Services and Community Committee.  The Committee has now invited members of the public to make submissions to them about it. The committee has to report back to Parliament about its consideration of the bill by 21 July 2020 – so any submissions will have to be made by 16 June 2020. Please encourage your members to check out the details of the bill and how to make submissions – this information is available on the select committee’s webpage: