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The Association for those serving or who have served in any arm, branch or Corp of Her (or His) Majesty's Royal Navies.


Originally formed in 1929 as the “Chatham & Philomel Old Boys Association” which was formed by a few former Members of those Ships Companies. The name was later renamed the “White Ensign Club” to accommodate former Members of other Ships Companies. In 1934 the “White Ensign Club” wound up due to mainly the world depression but a few stalwarts continued to meet under the title “Ex Navy Men’s Association". In October that year the title was altered to “Ex Royal Naval Men’s Association” In 1936 the Association was registered as an Incorporated Society and the words “of New Zealand (Inc)” added and the motto of the Association being 'UNITY LOYALTY COMRADESHIP'. In May 1937 the Association moved into premises at 24 Wyndam Street Auckland which was officially opened by Captain I.G. Glennie of HMS Achilles. In 1985 the Christchurch Branch of the Ex Royal Naval Men’s Association left this Association and changed their name to the Royal New Zealand Naval Association. In 2007 both Associations met to voluntarily wind up to form a new Association called the Royal New Zealand Naval Association
Today there are 15 Branches throughout New Zealand with over 700 Members enjoying the comradeship of others they served with and the new friends they have met in joining the Association. 

The association is open for full membership of all retired and serving naval personnel of the Royal New Zealand Navy or any of the Commonwealth Royal Navy's, who have served a minimum period of 6 months continuous service. The Royal New Zealand Naval Association is a non-profit organisation working for, and on behalf of it's members. The organisation is run by an executive committee and is totally voluntary. 


  1. To uphold the Comradeship which began in the service of the Royal New Zealand Navy, Royal Navy, and any Navy of other British Commonwealth Nations.

  2. To foster good fellowship.

  3. To look after the welfare of Members, directly and in association with other organisations whose purposes are similarly  directed toward the care of naval veterans.

  4. To encourage and promote social gatherings amongst our members.

  5. To foster the creation of Branches, Sub Branches throughout New Zealand and to assist them in pursuing the objects of the Association.

  6. To contribute to charities devoted to the welfare of Ex Naval personnel.

  7. To promote, encourage and protect by lawful means the interests of the Members of the Association.

  8. To co-operate with, support or assist, any other person or group of persons, firm, company, body corporate or society in achieving any of the objectives of the Association.

  9. To affiliate with or become a member of any Society whether in New Zealand or elsewhere, having objects wholly or in part      similar to the objectives of the Association.

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